• Expressing the glory of inner beauty,
  • Professing godliness with good works,
  • Modelling authentic womanhood.


Creating a world in which every woman is significantly whole, becomes fully functional, attains spiritual identity, completely matured and empowered for fulfilment through an all-inclusive, value based and holistic empowerment initiatives.

ADORN is a resource hub, established to serve the nations by resourcing women of all races, ages, cultures and backgrounds towards wholeness, spirituality, functionality and fulfillment.

An all-encompassing initiative that affords the woman the opportunity to rise above the billows of life into the place of restored dignity and purpose.
Ours is a safe and loving hand of cradle where all women find love, sisterhood, friendship, mentorship, motherhood and partnership.


We welcome you with great joy and deep love in our hearts to ADORN WOMAN – a place of ceaseless flow. Your heritage in God is TOTAL wholeness, spirituality, functionality and fulfilment.
Nothing Missing!
Nothing Broken!!

At this hub, we believe you will find something relevant to you. It is time to arise and occupy where you belong; there is a place fit for you and made just for you. Come on, you too can make a difference in your generation!

God’s Best awaits you,
Roseline Oluwaseeki


The Creator had a purpose for creating the woman. She was created with a divine intent. The time has come! The time is now, for the woman to take her rightful place in the earth and in the agenda of the Creator. Every girl, daughter, sister, friend, wife and or mother is here on earth for a definite purpose. She is a creature of dignity, an embodiment of grace and wonderful spice of life. She is the crown of creation. She is adorned with beauty and honour. She is the King’s daughter!!!

Hey girl, you have the Father ’s favour. No more limitations and you don’t have to settle for less! Christ already paid the full price for your liberty, joy and peace. You cannot afford to continue to live under suppression and oppression because whosoever the Son sets free is free indeed. The Father’s love gives you access to beauty in the place of ashes, oil of joy instead of mourning, the garment of praise to replace your despair. Your inheritance simply awaits your demand!

Roseline Oluwaseeki