About Us


Adorn Woman is a faith-based initiative that exists to restore the woman to her place of purpose as originally intended! This all-inclusive vision is birthed out of a deep burden, passion and intense desire to see women across all racial, cultural, age and background divides set free from the spiritual, economical, mental, financial and social chains that have held many bound for years so they can arise and shine as lights in this dark world.

We are value-driven in our approach to resourcing women; ensuring they are liberated, restored, equipped and adorned for the Master’s use and the greater good; making a difference first in their individual lives and in the society at large – one woman at a time.

We hope you will join hands with us in this important task – one woman at a time!

“Doing something beautiful and becoming beautiful doing it.”


  • Training, equipping and resourcing women of all ages, races, cultures and backgrounds with accurate truth and knowledge that allows them to harness their full potential so they can be who they are designed to be.
  • Building strength for the future through faith-based initiatives of growth and development.
  • Creating a world in which every woman is whole, becomes fully functional, attains spiritual identity, matured and is empowered for fulfilment.
  • Creating a ‘safe place’ for our women where someone is always available to give a helping hand.