Our Initiatives

Adorn Woman Foundation

Adorn Woman runs a Foundation which deals with a range of issues affecting women in our society by providing relevant support, empowerment skills and know-how as well as carrying out Humanitarian projects such as Hospice Support, Orphanage Partnership, Adorn School Empowerment Campaign, Jael Empowerment Initiatives, Evolve 2.0 intervention sessions targeted to give hope to the hopeless and strength to the weak and feeble.

As an organization that is dedicated to resourcing and supporting the spiritual, emotional, physical and economic needs of women, young girls and children, we plan to provide rehabilitation facilities for abused women, pregnant young adults, and orphaned children.

We also aim to join forces with like-minded organisations within our community in particular and our nation at large in our quest to enlighten every girl child and young ladies with truth that will empower them to make right choices in life and in this way be able to immensely contribute towards the preservation of posterity’s future!

Deborah Dimensions

The Deborah Dimensions activates men and women into their divine purpose in God. This initiative provides the believer and the Body of Christ a spiritually strategic portal through which the earth connects with heaven by the power of prophetic proclamations and the Spirit of grace and supplication.

The voice of the Lord came to me May 11th 2016 “LET THE WARRIOR IN YOU ARISE!” Like Deborah arise, lead your captivity captive.

I then realized that the Lord was calling me to a new dimension altogether. The first realization in my heart was that of “A Call to Pray”.

Deep seated within me is the understanding that life is warfare! God’s promise is to teach my hands to war and my fingers to battle. And that a woman’s call to pray is a call to prevail. This was the understanding behind the 1st Monday King’s Daughters Prevailing Prayer Event that took place every month for some time at our kingdom community.

God will not call me (us) to pray unless He has prepared me (us) to prevail. The many women who answered the call to pray in the Bible prevailed and experienced victory in the many issues they prayed about – Esther, Naomi’s prayer for Ruth, Hannah, Shunem Woman, Anna, etc. A woman’s call to pray is a call to battle and the call to battle is the call to victory.

Deborah became the icon of this call to battle and I began to realize that there is something the Lord would have me be and do that is fully relative to the life and functionality of this woman warrior. (Judges 5)

Women are tools of change! God needs us in the place of prayer because we know how to give birth to life even in pain.

Because we know how not to turn back from the battle ground until life is birthed!

Because we know how to incubate mere water until it becomes a living soul!

Because we know how to carry the will of God in the earth until it is birthed!

Because we know how to nurture a seed into a tree!

And because we know how to nurse a little baby into a deliverer!

We have the know-how! This spiritual know-how is innate. It is inherent within the woman. It is our real essence!!

Daughters, sisters, wives and mothers, you are born warriors! You are not the ones who turn away from battle!! You are ones who turn back the battle at the gate!!! You are Deborah!

Adorn Coaching Academy

The Academy is a training and equipping platform for women. It is a learning initiative that goes beyond an academic experience to providing participants with true knowledge and skill that prepare and equip them with the required value-based empowerment that will enable them to become relevant in handling matters of the present day crisis and equipping them with a constructional mind of functionality in all areas of life.

Here we empower you to awake to possibilities, believe and become as you acquire the requisite skill to achieve your desires and fulfil your purpose, to be and to do.

Zelophehad Movement

This initiative exists to bring daughters of the King into their God-given rights and privileges through fervent governmental prayers, supplication, worship, intercession and teaching of the Word of God.

I came across these texts in Scripture in 2006 from the book of Psalm 45:9-16 which reads: “Kings’ daughters are among Your honourable women; …” The issue of raising honourable women has always been at the core of my life.

There is a report in the Bible about the daughters of Zelophehad; an Israelite who died during the exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land. Zelophehad only gave birth to girls, he had no sons. These girls were born in the land of Israel; a land where daughters did not have any rights to their father’s inheritance. These young ladies, however, were said to have been honourable in word and in deed. After the death of their father, they took their lives in their own hands to challenge the ancient law and custom of the land that deprived women from taking any form of inheritance from their father’s house. Seeing that they were not allocated any land because their father had no male child; they approached Moses demanding that the law be revoked or repealed so they could inherit the portion that belonged to their father in Canaan. Moses consulted with God on their behalf, and the law was changed.

As a result of their determination, they inherited what rightfully belonged to them. They challenged the system of this world because they knew they were entitled to the Father’s portion just as others. “…And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: “the daughters of Zelophehad speak what is right: you shall surely give them a possession of inheritance…” (Numbers 27:1-11)

We have the Father’s favour. It is time to begin to bloom and blossom as the rose in the courts of our God.

God’s Woman Network

This is a network of kingdom ladies with a burning passion for the Lord; they are believers with unquenchable fire to extend the frontiers of the kingdom of God in all facets of life. These women have found purpose and are not afraid to share their gifts to advance the lives of others – they are women after God’s own heart.

The network is a place for friendship, partnership and mentorship. We all need someone around us who can relate with our joys and challenges as well as hold our hands as we traverse the same path of life. A tree does not make a forest and one string cannot produce a melody.

Are you a woman of God? Then come on board, let’s lift the banner of Christ high up in our lives. It is time to quit isolation! Come let’s connect with one another, modelling exemplary kingdom lifestyle and patterns; till we all come to full measure!